Posted on: February 27, 2008 6:03 pm

To all Jose Reyes Haters: Stop Hating

For those who know me, i dont usually mouth off on a specific topic. But i probably will.

Why does everybody complain about Jose's dancing? OMG, he's not supposed to dance, OMG he's doing those handshakes, OMG he's having too much fun. When the team is losing its all jose's fault.

I dont give a crap if he dances does handshakes or not. He's 24 and id be hard pressed to look for a person who enjoys the game more than jose reyes. If somebody from the other team is mad, tell them to piss off i dont care.

This is one hundred percent truth. If i was reyes and somebody got ticked off just because im having fun, id do the handshakes in front of the opposing dugouts, then if they wanna come fight they get a beating in the (you know where).

When i see a guy like reyes having fun like that, it makes me proud to be a Mets fan. taking that away is taking the fun from the game. I suppose you like Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens better than him huh.

Point is i dont care.

Now im ready for the blasting ill get by mets haters(based on what ive read on the mlb forum, itll come from Positive Hype and CowboyB). Before you guys come, let me show you my new handshake.

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Posted on: February 23, 2008 10:41 pm

The State of the Jets-My Thoughts




I myself haven't been alive as to see some of the new york Jets failures. I wasnt alive for some of our draft pick busts or the post-Joe Namath era. All I know is for a long time the jets have been a dysfunctional franchise. Whether its a combination of bad luck, bad draft picks, a bad front office, or just bad players, its safe to say that they've always been bad. They've also been for the past decade inconsistant.

Check out these numbers.


2002: 9-7

2003: 6-10

2004: 10-6

2005: 4-12

2006: 10-6

2007: 4-12

2008: ??-??

Here are the positives for this team as we head into the 2008 season.

  1. Darrelle Revis, David Harris, and Kerry Rhodes look to be part of our organization for a long time.
  2. Ditto for Nick Mangold and Leon Washington.
  3. The Jets will always have a loyal fanbase behind them.

Thats pretty much it. Not very good at all i must admit. Now for the negatives.

  1. The offensive line was horrible.
  2. Thomas Jones wasn't able to have the success we all hoped for, probably cause of that line i was talking about.
  3. Laveranues Coles is once again talking contract and i dont see how he'll be a jet next year. Or at least a happy jet.
  4. Jonathan Vilma, one time defensive rookie of the year and pro bowler, is now asking for a trade which means the end of a promising jets career that came to a bad end simply cause of systems.
  5. Our front office is now viewed as a stingy one that doesnt live up to promises (Pete Kendall, coles)
  6. We have some dead weight on this team.
  7. The QB situation is a mess.


Fans and experts are already counting us out. But based on the numbers above i wouldn't. At least not until the season begins.

Based on 2006 I feel that this front office is competent, I feel that Eric Mangini is still the right coach for us, and I feel that despite hard times, the important players have bought into mangini's ideals. What im worried about is now with the Patriots being the patriots, the Bills on the rise, and miami having the master of rebuilding with bill parcelss, if management doesn't make the right moves, we may be looking at last place this season. Hopefully not.

Posted on: February 12, 2008 8:45 pm
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Posted on: February 5, 2008 7:09 pm

What should the mets do after Johan?

Great work Omar you are a savior in New York once again by the look of things. There are however a couple things i would love for you to do.

While Johan certainly bumps this rotation up, there are still weaknesses in the team though not glaring that can be addressed with the current free agents left.

Starting Rotation-the number 5 spot

I am not ready to entrench Mike Pelfrey to that spot and El Duque should move to the bullpen. I believe with a full year of AAA, Pelfrey will greatly benefit with stops every once in a while to the big leagues.

Solution=Kyle Lohse or Livan Hernandez

Unless it takes anything more than a one yr deal to get them, i think one of them will be the perfect innings eater to go with Johan. My pick would be Livan Hernandez cause he gets some good offense, a great pitcher's park, and has thrown 200 inning for the past five years.


Sign every single low risk high reward guy you can find and at least one of them should pan out. If not we still have Joe Smith and perhaps one of the Eddie Kunz/Brant Rustich combo can pull a joe smith and come to the big leagues.

Solution=Low risk high reward players.


Moises Alou is a guarantee to get hurt every year, Ryan Church cant hit the lefties. Plus besides Ramon Castro there isnt somebody with power on the bench.

Solution=Kevin Mench

He rakes lefties, can start for Alou (so as to not expose Endy Chavez cause he isn't an everday starter), and provides good pop.


Getting these guys will make me happy. At least even more happier.

Posted on: January 23, 2008 12:15 pm

Memo to Mangini: You are not Bill Bellichick

And I dont want you to be a bill bellichick either. So stop acting like him.

In his time with the jets so far, to the media and fans he's acted like a pain in the ***. Like his mentor.

Very very VERY VERY vague on the injury reports (very). Recreating the Lawyer Milloy incident but this time with Pete Kendall.

All in all mangini gets an A for impersonating but an F for being himself. I along with many jets fans were willing to let that go cause of that first year. But now this awful year we had just makes him look really bad. Dude stop acting like you have to live up to somebody and just be yourself. Its ok to do that stuff when you're a superbowl contender but we're not. Right now we're not even winning record contendors at the moment.

Take this offseason to reflect.

Posted on: January 17, 2008 11:09 pm
Edited on: February 5, 2008 7:10 pm

Pacman's dilema

OK this is not about new york sports just wanted to give my two cents on this issue.

So it was around the new year. What better way for Pacman to celebrate it by "making it rain on them hos" (i made a fat joe comment yay)

It doesnt bother me that he went to a strip club, its just that...he went to a strip club. lol bear with me on this.

By that i mean i am not bothered that he went to a strip club for a show cause that's totally legal and as long as you avoid trouble its all good. but thats just it, im bothered that even though everytime he goes to a strip club something bad happens and he gets into trouble and then he still goes. I heard this on mike and mike in the morning which he got from tony kornheiser's radio show and i totally agree with this.

"You never hear, four people were found dead outside a library" You hear that around a bar or a strip club. so yea i wonder why he still goes. if pacman likes to see women take their clothes off so much than why doesnt he use his money and hire someone to do that for him on weekends.

Im just laughing at his stupidity.

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Posted on: January 17, 2008 9:00 pm
Edited on: January 18, 2008 1:22 pm

THE NYJ season. Where did they go wrong?

I was one of many fans who were optomistic heading into the season. Of course to say i had extremely high hopes is not the case. While they had a surprising 10-6 year in 2006, that was partly due to an easy schedule plus a couple of breaks along the way. So i was cautiously optomistic.

However now i was definitly underwhelmed by that season. Where did it go wrong?

Well i have three possible answers for that.

  • We did not go after any of the free agents that we needed. We could have used Adalius Thomas and while i heard there was interest it was never really serious. The Nate Clements contract was rediculous so i dont blame them for going away from that route. We could have used some of the offensive lineman there rather than resign Clement whom i hate so much.
  • Brian Schottenheimer. Where did he go? Last year was great i loved this guy. This year, ughhhhhh he reminded me of Paul Hackett. SCHOTTY PLEASE COME BACK WE MISS YOU AND BADLY NEED YOU.
  • And last but prob most important, the Pete Kendall situation. 1 million dollars, 1 MILLION DOLLARS ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME. What would u rather have as a team? An extra million to add to your 28 milion under the cap. Or a solid left guard. I choose the guard. Well i hope tannenbaum and mangini learned from that and whatever they say in the public, i hope theyre kicking themselves in the nuts for not re-signing him.

I close my entry with this.




GO Jets

Posted on: January 15, 2008 7:02 pm
Edited on: January 18, 2008 1:23 pm

Johan Santana to the mets? Pull the trigger Omar.

Well every offseason there's been something to keep our minds on. Although now i definitly think everybody just wants it to end.

Im talking about the tons of rumors that is the Johan Santana deal.

The sox were close to getting him, the Yankees were taking their offer off the table then putting it back (twice). And now i hear the Mets have the best offer.

As a mets fan im very happy to hear that. But everyone knows that to get the best pitcher in baseball you have to give up some talent which the mets will have to do if they want him to pitch in Shea.

Normally i object against trading 5 prospects for one player. But the fact is Johan Santana is the best pitcher in baseball, is still 28, and a move to the NL almost guarantees him at least 20 wins. So this is an exception.

I am not one to be the GM of any team but for now i say "Make it happen Omar"



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