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Posted on: February 27, 2008 6:03 pm

To all Jose Reyes Haters: Stop Hating

For those who know me, i dont usually mouth off on a specific topic. But i probably will.

Why does everybody complain about Jose's dancing? OMG, he's not supposed to dance, OMG he's doing those handshakes, OMG he's having too much fun. When the team is losing its all jose's fault.

I dont give a crap if he dances does handshakes or not. He's 24 and id be hard pressed to look for a person who enjoys the game more than jose reyes. If somebody from the other team is mad, tell them to piss off i dont care.

This is one hundred percent truth. If i was reyes and somebody got ticked off just because im having fun, id do the handshakes in front of the opposing dugouts, then if they wanna come fight they get a beating in the (you know where).

When i see a guy like reyes having fun like that, it makes me proud to be a Mets fan. taking that away is taking the fun from the game. I suppose you like Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens better than him huh.

Point is i dont care.

Now im ready for the blasting ill get by mets haters(based on what ive read on the mlb forum, itll come from Positive Hype and CowboyB). Before you guys come, let me show you my new handshake.

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